Philosophy brought them together. The world tore them apart.



--Character du jour--
Papal legate KUNO

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--Who said it?--
"When roads are full of mud and rain
Abroad go only honest men!"

--Odd man out--
Which of the following is not based on an actual historical character?

a) Simon
b) William of Compiegne 
c) Astrolabius

Trivia Answers


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ABELARD+HELOISE is an animated feature that tells the tragic true story of the famous 12th century lovers, Peter Abelard and his former student Heloise.

SHAKESPEARE MEETS SOUTHPARK. (A Q&A session with writer/director Norman Szabo.) more...

THE BIZARRE HISTORY of the uncompleted Shakespeare "Tragedie" on which the film is based. more...

SHOWTIMES. The festival circuit holds its breath, but the film, alas, still isn't finished. Maybe some time in 2005? Watch this space for updates.


"A Tale of Love and Tragedy, with jokes
In Latin, scholars, wine, blank verse and nuns
And monks and urchins, abbots and Romance.
Our scene is laid in medieval France..."

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